Eradicate Your IFs



“If you ever found yourself in a situation where everything you’re doing seems to yield no progress and you seems to be perambulating; in other words wandering around in a circle. Then you must re-evaluate your overall philosophy and tactics.”

Life is the Best Teacher

As a student of life, I have learnt many life lessons and am still learning. These lessons are usually life circumstances—either good or bad—and through these lessons I have gained various experiences. My knowledge is based on the facts and ideas that I have acquired through life experiences. But as a lover of wisdom, I usually utilize reasons to discern and judge which aspects of those knowledge are true, strong and important, and applicable to my life. In this article, I will mention few but great lessons that life has taught me through experiences, which you all might found useful in your endeavours as well.

Time is the overseer of all things, there is time for everything.
Natural life is a series of events and it’s amazing how it evolves.
Stop seeking for too much certainty in a world containing uncertainty.
Natural life has stages, and every new stage requires a new version of us.
Change is constant–natural life is not static, it keeps evolving progressively.
Humans are little gods–we are created and endowed to create, we are creators.
Persistence beats resistance–everything is achievable with appropriate willpower.
Being optimistic is the best way to live life and having positive mindset is blissful.
There is good in bad–failure is an opportunity for growth, and it is part of all success.
Life doesn’t always give us all we want, but always provides everything we truly need.

By and large, our lives are not ours in any meaningful sense, as most of what we experience would have been programmed for us by biology and culture. Therefore, the only way we can take over the ownership of life is by learning to direct our psychic energy in line with our own intentions. And in doing that, we will achieve and experience a life of human flourishing.


“We are all caught up in the busyness and multitasking in this fast pacing world. Sometimes we must slow down, focus on one thing at a time, be mindful of ourselves and everything around us. Mindfulness is the key to a stress-free and joyful life in this era.”



Is nothing but
illusion which is
blocking us from
seeing our true self
and potentials.

Once we are
brave enough to
shine our lights
that gloomy cloud
will fade away.

And we will see clearer.

Can Do Will Do – CDWD


Can Do Will Do mindset will increase your productivity and prepare you for success. At times it can be daunting to complete a task or attain a goal. A perfect example is when you’re striving to complete a given task, or when you’re striving to achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goal. In any process of achieving a goal or completing a task, you definitely need motivation. And for you to get the needed motivation to get things done, you must change your “can” to “will”.

The word “can” is all about potentials, which are things you can possibly do. When it comes to motivation, the word “can” is considered feeble when used in first person. However, the word “will” is all about courage, meaning you can achieve the impossible with determination. “Will” is an influential word when used in first person, as it will keep your creative juice flowing and keep you motivated always as you’re working towards your set goals. By and large, the moment you change your “can” to “will”, you will stay motivated and start achieving the impossible.