The Bird with the River Fever

A bird vitalized by anodyne creeps out
of a quilted fabric of elegant style
this bird gaits into a hot water pan
sheds the feathers of yesterday
flap its wings, garbed and hit the road

Flew into the house by the river, drown its liver
in eau de vie. Stagger out of the jack
with single Capezio and keeps the ball rolling
knocked into oblivion by sparkling
lightning and roaring thunderstorm

Its wobbly legs can’t hold the ground
like chopsticks in the noodles bowl
dropped its last quid into the wishing-well
jivin’ in the deep, jammin’ like a villain
in a portal within unending bliss and pain

Adoring the company of the lost
souls with various petrifying heads
as the night progresses, things grey out
its memories of dusk till dawn petered out
the next morn falls into a gentle ruin.

For a Better World

The great predicaments that befell humankind can be traced back to unreasonable fear, greed, hatred, and ignorance. It’s high time we turn the table around, let’s incorporate reasonable courage, generosity, love, and knowledge into our daily lives to make our world a better place.

The Parable of a Nation

A child born centuries ago was captured and raised by foreign parents. This child was officially liberated to be independent decades ago after she has been defiled, molested and exploited by her foster parents; while this child was still immature and also malnourished. The said child grew up through pain and suffering in all its forms. She weds and divorces husbands every four or eight years, for that’s the kind of life she was taught to live by her foster parents. So, when one husband treat her better than the previous, she will cry and shed tears of joy that her previous husband never treated her this good. But if another one comes and treat her bad, she will cry again and shed tears of pain and agony, complaining that her ex-husband never treated her this bad. Those who has been chosen to be her crown are nothing but bloodsuckers, they’ve got nothing to offer in making her life better but to steal from her and add to her problems.

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Higher Vibration

You will experience a great joy of being when the three elements that form your existence are working in sync on a higher level of vibration. In other words, when your body is on a higher level of harmony with your mind and soul, your mind is having a higher level of perception, and your soul is on a higher level of consciousness.

For Life and Death

Can a human be Helichrysum when
Its casing and fillings are mortal dust
An ephemeral in this hedge maze
As the microbes devours within
Carrion insects munches the surface
Psyche turns a convoluted conundrum

Water and mud? Flesh and bone?
A lightning strike in between
Die to live they said
Live then die they argued

Better live in this intricate reality
Than in a fabricated afterlife
Gracefully aging as a fine wine
Ever fresh from the vine
Living the will of the Divine
Hoping the headstone will be fine.

A Wake-up Call for the People of African Descent Living in the United States

The majority of Africans that first arrived on the American soil were the victims of the transatlantic slave trade, many of whom were kidnaped from Africa. At that time, the majority of African tribes who were the victims of the transatlantic slave trade were Mbundu, Yoruba, Igbo, Bakongo, Fon, Mande, Fulani, Abron, Wolof, and Chamba; and their greedy victimizers were Europeans, Arabs, and African traditional rulers. These victims of human trafficking continues to be ill-fated individuals upon arriving in America, as they experience all sorts of physical and psychological violence, many of which is not even appropriate to be inflicted upon non-human animals. Yet, people of African descent — both slaves and free folks — has to endure inevitable violence and sufferings during the era of slavery in the United States. Then, the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 — which was the liberation of all slaves in the US — was a watershed in the history of the people of African descent living in the US. After the Emancipation, there were many attempts made by the people of African descent to reformulate their socio-cultural identity, to be autonomous and establish themselves within American society. This attempt was difficult for many Africans in the US, due to centuries of slavery and slavish mindset which runs within their generations. However, some Africans managed to succeed in that attempt, due to their indomitable will, courage and persistence.

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